Hi there, i need to make my webpage working on different resolution from 640x480 up to 1024x768 and also to open on different browser....can anyone help me in this??:'(

Usually all sites open when using a different browser, its just the way that it is displayed that is an issue. Using good, clean code (sometimes a bit of hacking) does the trick.

As for resolution, 480 is being a lil wierd, I'd say 600 is a good place to start. So if you want to do it, set your table width and height (if tables are what you do) and nest the rest. Or simple set the div container width & height.

If you still don't get it, Shout and this time, drop (upload) some code.

table{max-width: 1024px;
         max-height: 768px;

is the code for setting the width and height???

Yes, min-width works too if you'd like to set a minimum. But basically that code will have a table take up the full width of its container up to that width. You're probably best using divs though.

thx to you all for your help