I want to know the procedure for hosting a website on the internet. My website is created and is saved on my computer as a single .pub file (Microsoft Publisher). The size of the file is 50 MB. How can I publish it on the internet free (free web hosting service)? Do I need Linux or Unix or Mac OS to maintain the website? Can I maintain it with my Windows XP SP2 and broadband connection. Please help me step by step.
Any suggestions, tips, ideas are welcome.

Thank You in advance. :)

OK, firstly your site does not require a lot of server space so the first place I'd try is your email provider. They often provide free web space with your email. This could be a good place to start. You can always move later.

Here is a link to a website that gives info on free web hosting: http://www.freewebsiteproviders.com/
Choose either "free hosting" or the "most recommended ..." and see what you think.

You should find something there.

You will probably need to ftp your files to get them from your PC to the host: go to http://www.download.com/FileZilla/3000-2160_4-10308966.html to download a free program to do this.

Yes, you can do this with XP and your broadband connection.

When you have had enough of the free service (they have limitations and adverts) then you can buy hosting for just a few dollars a month.

If you intend to expand your site or produce others you will soon get frustrated with Publisher. Keep an eye out for other products you could try that will help you learn html (the building block of all sites). The thing I don't like about Publisher is that you can't see your code if you wanted to until after you have 'published' it. This makes learning difficult.

Anyway, for now, go ahead and publish for free and enjoy!

Thank You for your help.

I do know HTML but just basics..still learning..

Thank You Once Again!