I would like to make a website, and would be greatful of some trustworthy recommendations.

I would like a recommendation on what web design software I should use. I'm thinking of getting Dreamweaver MX 2004 second hand, and could be swayed elsewhere, but for no more than £100. Are there any good open source alternatives, I already have OpenOffice, but haven't looked into any options there.

Also I'd like to create a basic forum. Whats the easiest way to do this.

Also if someone could recommend a good Domain host to register with, for under £5/month and UK purchase if possible.

I know this is basic questions I should probably find out myself, but I'd really appreciate your expert advice.

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I would go with GoDaddy, definitely :) phpBB is also a good, premade php forum software. Just make sure that your host has php/MySQL support. Dreamweaver MX is a good option because of its learning curve - you can begin by using it as a WYSIWYG editor. When you feel comfortable / experienced enough to hand-code, it makes an excellent color-coded syntax highlighting web dev editor.


Thanks for the quick advice. I decided to go to GoDaddy who had a better choice, and registered dbproject.org as well as getting some hosting space at the same time.

Also I ordered DWMX2004 second hand without box and instructions from Amazon, but thought for £65 it was worth the risk.

Certainly phpbb was exactly what I was hoping for, and may also try this at work for a working group forum.

Many thanks, David

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