Does anybody know of any WYSWYG Web Design Software that you can use to make a Website Quick and easy. I'm trying to make a good website and need some help making videos and more.

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it's no good using WYSIWYG html editors, because they turn your site into something less functional than what it should be...

though, if you want you can check out trial versions for coffee cup, or dreamweaver... i suggest trial versions since, as it is obvious, you don't need it for professional html editing, but just to come out of the rush... if you were truly interested in designing a site, you should get your hands in a html and css tutorial...


I do not know any WYSIWYG Editors, I never tried Dreamweaver, but my friend says its good Editor. Or use Microsoft Expression web2 or 1.

Actually learn HTML and use Micorsoft Expression Web, or Dreamweaver

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