When i view my site in every mac browser it looks fine, when i view in IE on a PC the DIV links shifts to the right of the image instead of under the image. It also shifts the image and creates a line. Is there code that needs to be added or taken off to make work in IE. If you can view in safari then IE and you will see what i am talking about, the DIV is set under the products link. Thanks.


Dave, I've looked at your page in IE6 and IE7, Safari 3.1.1, and Firefox 2.0 on XP SP2. The page looks consistent across all. I don't see any lines under the navigation links and they all seem to be under the header image.

This might be a screen resolution error. In other words, if the content won't fit in the page width, the div repositions where it fits.

Absolute positioning is also a cause of page mutilation when the screen resolution changes..


Just took a look at your site. Like the design alot, a bit image heavy, but nice.

Now, about the div issue:
Have to agree with Buddy. Can't see nothing wrong with it.

Hey Dave,
I also like your site the only thing I noticed wrong was in your css in view source you may want to add in the overflow code that could help your problem :)