Hi, guys
if you visit the url www.winstonramalho.com.br (in portuguese), try to make a tour at PROJETOS under FIRE FOX.
I built it based on FF and IE. It worked properly til I have it published on the web.
Now, in some cases (you have to make a tour in some projects, clicking on the thumbnails of each project), the FF colapse the layout. After you reload the page, the layout turns to the right position and remains righ unles you clear the cache.

Somebody expert in css/tableless could send me some directions to fix it?

Thansk for any help.


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Everything worked OK for me on FF I even tried resizing the browser.

It sounds like something else you are using (maybe an ad from your ISP) is getting into YOUR computer and making a mess.

Ei, did you have the opportunity to click in many projects? I have 3 computers here and all of them show the same problema.

Thanks for your help so far.

I opened all of them and clicked on all of the thumbnails. I even tried opening them in different orders, and changing the browser window size (some of my common debugging methods).

It may be a browser setting, or something your server or ISP is adding.

I do have my browser set to "shrink image to fit window". But none of the images I saw were large enough to invoke this.

It might be a subtle difference, such as the screen resolution, the internet cache size, the default font size, or an oddball font set as the default.

One other little thought comes to mind:

If you are using JS or server-side scripts for several different applications, and used the same namespace for all of them, it's possible that a common variable name in two different applications is passing unintended information back and forth between them.

What an interesting thing. Well, as I wrote, when the site was off line, I had no problem because the page loading was immediate. But after have it published, the problem appeared.
I think that it has something to do with the time it is downloaded.
FOr example, there is some imagens inside some layers and the images that are loaded along with the code. It seems that the images are being loading while the code are not completely read by the broswer.
Or something like that.

I think that if you have a really fast connection, the problem may not happens. By the way, sometimes when I click in some thumbs, the page showed is ok. IF I clear the cache and try again the problem happens sometimes in one project, sometimes in another. There is no rule … it seems randomly.
If you'd like to see what happen, look at this:

LAYOUT OK: http://www.winstonramalho.com.br/bugff/FF_layout_ok.jpg
BBBAD LAYOUT: http://www.winstonramalho.com.br/bugff/FF_messed_up.jpg

Thanks again

This is usually a case of an object being larger than the container it is supposed to be in.

Now it is fixed.
There structure was formed by a main div in which there were two "FLOAT=LEFT" columns (divs).
Within the left column was the menu. Inside the right column was 3 divs that contained the images and the texts.

For any reason, sometimes the right column was displayed over the left column, instead of in its normal place.

What I did: I made a new float=left div and put those two columns inside. It worked properly. I do not know if there is another way to do that, by now is ok.

Thanks for your help.

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