I would like to create a scrolling combo box.

By which I mean.


Should appear as just 1 option (so maybe size="1') and then once clicked it expands with the options with a scrollbar which only 3 options shown and you scroll to see the rest of the options.

Hopefully you understand what I mean?

Thanks, Regards X

Note: Not sure if this requires just html but I heard requires javascript, Thanks.

For these type of menus and stuff, its best to use javascript. Even though I don't know alot of javascript, I'd recommend it. Try Google and search how to do that. Although I have never heard of what you just said, so what?! Give it a go and try.

I was looking for a list with 20 items.

And it would only display 5 items.

The rest would be viewed by using a scrollbar inside the drop down menu.

Must menus be so complicated and time consuming to use??? Just display a fixed list of 20 items.