I'm for some reason having trouble. This is simple stuff, but it isn't working!@

I'm just trying to get text to float around an image. I am not using DIV, but that shouldn't be necessary. Any ideas? I'm ashamed! This should be so simple! The problem is showing at: www.gbizbuilders.com

Here's the index.html code:

<img class="floatLeft" src="/picts/search-engine-marketing.png" alt="SEM">Search Engine Marketing:  Our firm will manage your online Pay Per Click campaigns.  We will run PPC campaigns to help you:
These services are designed to:
        <li><strong>Increase Sales</li></strong>
        <li><strong>Bring targeted traffic to your site</li></strong>
        <li><strong>Capture leads from your site</li></strong>

Here's the common-style.css code:

float: left; 
margin: 4px; 

I figured it out. But not by using the CSS, I put what I needed in the HTML.

You have an improper nesting. The ul tag pair can't be inside a p tag pair. It kept the p tag pair from wrapping around the image.

commented: Quick eye right to the problem +1

Thanks MidiMagic,
That would be the problem, I've made the change.

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