i need help on my final project...need sumthing related to the armed forces...anything...just help me by giving ideas...

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Hi, better if you specify,What exactly you need for your project, I mean what kind of information regarding armed force u require?


I would say, start with a layout. Decided what navigational items you want and start google information from there

hhye anshu.khadka..emmm..actually, i need to do the project regarding my university, where i study...anything that i could do for my university...im a military university student...what shud i do?

hye macneato... the thing is i dont know wut to do 4 the final..how could i do the layout? if u can just give me the title is gud enuf for me... thanx a lot..


You can create hospital management sytem, for Armed force, software for csd canteen, catering etc etc..

I dont know whether this helps u or not, but if u choose hospital management sytem, it will prove good experience and project for u...

or u can design a website on army hospitals, schools or army welfare etc....

Herein is the link of army medical services, may this works for u...

hi anshu.khadka..emm..thanx..it's kinda great idea.. i'll try to foward it ok... if i need anything.. could i ask u again...?

offcourse u can...I'll be glad if i can provide u any kind of help for ur project.

so..if anytime i need help, i just have to reply this post izit...? when would you be online? what if u r not online for a long time? how would i noe?

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