Hey guys and gals,

Ive just recently developed a shiny new front page for my website (www.techtoast.com) and would liek some opinions before it goes live:

Click Here!

The animation was done in Flash MX, and the (bit of a site) done in Dreamweaver MX.

Im afriad the links dont work as the server is down for maintenance (might be up when you read this but you never know).

The style is based upon Windows Longhorn build 4053/4074 with the slate theme. Have a look and post some opinions please. :)

Thankyou in advance for any comments



I like it, but could you improve the icon quality?

How do you mean improve the icon quality? They are the standard icons ripped from a DLL in Longhorn build 4074, i havent compressed or changed them in anyway

ah well. In that case perhaps you could make some new ones for microsoft...

Yeah ill make some new ones for microsoft...as you do

Well, just for information: TechToast are giving away an iPod to one lucky person!


P.S. i couldnt see an Edit button so ive commited a sin and double posted :sad: dont kill me

thanks for the spam, jerk.

Nice way to comment on a post that is a year and a half old.