I bumped onto a guy who claims that there are a magic meta tags which
can cause that web page is always displayed at the top of search list.
I do know that there are some meta tags which can be useful for search engine,
but - at least in my opinion - recent search engines determine order much more
from the money spent on advertisement than real relevancy of searched phrases.
Are there a magic tags or not ???

Thanks for any meaningful answers.

VI editor lover

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hello Vl,

The answer to your question is: NO! There is NO! meta tag that is magic or one that can help you get your girlfriend back.

Search engines base their results on many different factors, such as links, content, headings, domains ect.

I'm not into SEO myself. But i know enough to say, that guy you bumped into, is taking you for a ride.


No there is no magic Meta tag but there is a trick you can use for search engines. Make sure you have meta data content before doing this. Search engines are designed to look for keywords and the more keywords on a page the better chance your page may show up. I do not write for search engines I write for human beings (or aliens intercepting our transmissions) anyways what you do is write a sentence that makes sense but have it full of keywords and then make the text the exact color as the background (this will not work if the background is a straight color) the background has to be an image to make this work succesfully the next time a bot/spider crawls your site they will see a lot more keywords even when the normal user does not (the abnormal user will read the view source and then will see the hidden sentence so don't put anything you don't want seen!)

Yes, it does make sense. Thanks!

What tiger86 is sugguesting is called keyword stuffing.

"This method is completely outdated and adds no value to rankings today. In particular, Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique" - wikipedia

Search engines such as Yahoo! actively edit their search results. If you are caught keyword stuffing by an editor or competitor your site might get banned.

This goes for google as well and you will have to re-submit your "user-friendly" site to the search enginer for re-consideration.

So at the end of the day! If you want a good rank. Have the right content. It's that simple.

commented: Thanks dude I didn't know I could get in trouble for that! +1

Thank you I changed that on my Website I did not know that you could get in trouble for that. I read about writing for search engines and since I did not want my site to look like it was written for a search engine I did that.

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