Well, I'm not very sure where exactly I should post this. My question is, would it be feasible to create a fixed navbar, most likely with an embedded swf file (align fixed using a div), have easing after being scrolled.

Fixed navbar means, it stays on your screen no matter how far down on the page you scroll. Easing is, it slows down before coming to a stop, instead of just jerking into place.

So, basically, the navbar follows you around the site, and when you stop scrolling it gracefully slows down.

Would such a feat be feasible? Would should I use to make it work? Flash or Javascript?


This is doable in Flash I am fairly certain, but it would require that the entire page be designed in Flash. This is also doable in Javascript, which would be more useful in an HTML/CSS page.

Try looking into the Prototype framework with Script.aculo.us for animation. I believe this supplies all of the controls necessary to create such an effect. If not, I think the YUI framework may as well.