Hi Guys and Gals,

I am new to this site my name is Aj and have only recently ventured into web design and am having a few problems with my site and am wondering if someone could help.
I have a basic dwt (template) file from which all of my pages are made from with the menu and logo being uneditable. When previewing the website in firefox one of the pages doesnt line up with the rest, it is slightly to the left but the code and the design seem to be exactly the same,
can anyone help??


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Hey AJ, Welcome to the world of coding. I am not sure if you made your own dwt template or if you are using a premade template by DreamWeaver. I would validate your templates that works fine at http://validator.w3.org/ and then validate the one that has a problem and if it shows an error then you should be able to fix it. I am not sure how much xhtml you know so go to www.w3schools.com they will help for sure!


when u create that templet you selected the editable region from templet object its not possible to modify the logo.
do one thing re-edit with editable region and make it again as templet

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