Hi i was wondering if someone could help me out .... im in need of some serious help i have my own domain which is www.jaysonberger.com and i also have a blog located at http://jaysonberger.com/magic-jack-feed-back and im using the google webmaster took to keep track of everything it says googlebot has acesses jaysonberger.com and has indexed it as well and it shows up in google just fine but my jaysonberger.com/magic-jack-feed-back im having problems with it says it is indexed in google but it does not show up i have added my sitemap like i should of and i also added a robot.txt and refferenced my magic jack blog

when i go to site:www.jaysonberger.com my website is showing up but when i go to site:jaysonberger.com/magic-jack-feed-back for my blog its not showing up

can someone help me and give me some advice on what to do my main part of my website is in the / directory then my magic jack blog is located in another folder within the directory should i take the magic jack out of the folder and put it in the main directory with no folder or what i have also put a link on my main website so it refferences with my website

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i know it takes a little while for a site to show up in google but for my blog its been over 2 months and i dont know why google would say my sites been indexed when its not listed with google any place


The minus signs prevent Google indexing, because minus means "do not include" in Google. Change the file name to not include minus signs.


what do you mean the minus sign where do you see a minus sign and what file name do i change and how do i make it not include minus signs

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