I want to make an website with a layer or a portion static to every page. I mean to say that the layer should appear always without reloading whenever i click on other links, while the other portion of website fucntioning normally.

Actually, i want to embed a player on that potion of the website and rest of the page functioning normally. It should not reload the portion cuz then it will reload the music being played too will reload..
Please, help

Only way I'm aware of is to either use frames or update the containers' content dynamically.

can u please elaborate. i did not get u.

I would avoid separating your website into different areas (or frames). Search Engines hate these methods. Your website won't get indexed by Google and Co.

If you follow the web design rules (e.g. max 10kb per page) your pages should flash when clicking a link. See www.mcs-ifes.com for an example. Even though the whole page reloads it's fast as lightning.

Grtz J.

ok bud here is the most simple way to do that and is by using css with dreamweaver property change feature.
put ur player in a div and place it where u want it to show up then use this css code to hide it


then select the link on which u want to add teh action of makin it visible. go to the left tabed pannel of dreamweaver go to beahviors and click change property
then select ur div and choose display from the drop down property list and write block in the value.

after that everytime u click it. the div will be visible.
i think it will help :)