I want to disable in HTML a vertical scroll bar .
Is any ideas how to do this ?

Thank you for your effort of reading .

This option is only available to FRAME and IFRAME (scrolling).
Scrolling as far I know, can not be use with any other tags. Your only chance to disable any scrolling is to design pages to 800 x 600 and then just ajust content position by relative positioning.

Ok , i know in framing . Your site have a mistake because they did not include " " or they have a something that i do not know .
scrolling = "no"
OK if my chance is set resolution then , HTML tags does not have that attribute possible said
Then how did you think to set resolution then ?

Thanks for your replay .

1) Create one site with resolution 800x600 and use relative positioning to place it in the middle. Not pretty but you certain that there is no scrolling, it will happens only if somebody still use lesser resolution then this ( I do not think there is anyone)
2) Use browser detection script that can check on user resolution and use css file assign to this resolution (you need to buy a plugin or you may want to code it)

PS: Linked site is official documentation by w3.org ;)

Ok , I used frames to divide a page ?You can see in This is the page
By the way , is HTML an object ?

<body scroll="no">

And you should add this code in your css for IE:

body{scroll: no;}