I am having a problem with a website I designed for a portfolio. The spry menu looks fine in Firefox and Safari but in IE when the sub menu comes up you see the word false and there is what looks like a beveled border around half of it. I am new to dreamweaver and web design and I have tried to redo the site, change the spry menu options even changed the background because IE would put a white background behind the spry menu. If anyone has any idea why IE does this and how I may correct it I would appreciate it. I am getting the feeling IE just doesn't like Mac users and dreamweavers spry menu. Site- www.jean4designs.com/Portfolio_jeanVanDyk

Thank you......

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Well it feels nice to solve your own problem but it took so long. I have been having this problem for weeks and finally wrote an SOS on this site tonight. Afterwards I went to another site and found the answer and I am happy to share it with others

To eliminate the "false", open your script file and locate this line:


Place 2 slashes in from to comment it out, like this:


this also gets rid of the bevel border look in IE around the sub menu......

Never in a million years would I have come up with this answer since I do not do java script and dreamweaver writes all this info in the sprymenubar.js CSS. So I am happy to share with others like me out there.


Thank you so much for solving this problem. I've been looking all over the web and could not find anything.

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