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There seems to be a lot of info in your post, and unfortunately your website is no longer accessible, so I would suggest you try this first and repost the outcome, or fix your site, and I will try it myself.

The most common issue I've found with IE is when using the float property together with a margin. So, if you use float: left, together with a left margin of say 10px, IE 6 decides to double the margin width, so in this case it'd be 20px.

To fix this, add the property and value, display: inline. So any element which has the float property, together with a corresponding margin, add display: inline and it'll fix the margin settings.

Try this and repost the result if you can.



There is also a problem using width or height in the same style as nonzero margin, border, and/or padding. IE nests them in a different order, putting the surrounding styles inside the width, instead of outside as the standard requires.

The trick is to nest containers, separating the following into different containers:

1. width and height, or images of defined size.

2. margins, borders, and padding.

3. floats and clears.

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