I just got an Adobe CS3 bundle containing: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat. I would love to find a good book about integrating those, is there such a thing? I saw one of the Dummies series but I have not had such good luck with them. I have not tried the Bible series, and there is one for CS3 suite, does anyone else out there have any suggestions?

Don't listen to what other people recommend for a book. Everyone learns different so what I find to be very useful, you might think is useless. What I do recommend to people who ask is to learn one part of the program. Use it and understand it. Then read that part of the book, if what they say makes sense to you, that book should be good for you.

Learn them one at a time based on your current interest. If you want to edit pictures, start with Photoshop. If you want to create nice vector graphics, start with Illustrator. All of the programs are considered the industry standard in there purpose. Just pick one and get started. There are plenty of tutorials available on the web. Also remember, Google is free and better than any single book.

Thanks. I am familiar with all 3 though. Oh boy, am I! I have been doing Photoshop since, well, I hate to admit how long. But...I am still on Photoshop 7. Things have changed since then. Illustrator, well I found out about its vectory goodness three years ago, and though I am not as good at Illustrator as I am Photoshop, I can cut a mean image map when I have a mind to. InDesign I got when it was in the 1st or 2nd revision and I have been savoring it's crunchy capabilities but not every day.

So, I guess that I am looking for the magic book which shows me that I can so too tie them all together (like the box says you can) and how do you use the new things that have popped up while I was just fiddling around with the old versions.

Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. It may be best if I just jump in or do the tutorials which come with them or Google my answers. I don't know and I do value your opinion on this. I just don't think I made myself clear enough. Thanks!