I have a website and I want to have a background that is 200 pixles down but 100% of the width of the page. I do not want the background to repeat. I use photoshop for my image so if there is something I have to do in that then that is OK.
Sam Rudge

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Sam, you never know how many pixels 100% is, because different users use different resolution on their screens.
This means that if your resolution is e.g.1600px wide, then a user with resolution 1024 pixels will not be able to see the whole image, and vice versa - if you use 1024 widht, a user with 1600 will see the image approximately at 2/3 of his screen.
It is good to have your image fading into your background, in a way that it looks as if it dissolves in the rest of the background.

Another way is using two images positioned in the left and right side of the screen with some space between them and both images dissolve into it, so making it appear as if it is a complete image.

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