im a newbie- first post- and this is definitely gonna sound like newbie question? i am uploading 2 files to a one-page site - the files are images and index_html. both files were transferred using ipswitch ftp client successfully - i have text on the page but no graphics - just boxes with red x's in the topleft corners -i refresh and still nothing. the folks who i bought the program files from have weak tech support and i just need to know how to get images to display on the page. do i need to manually upload each of the 14 jpg and gif files, because i was told to just upload the images folder and all would be good.

im sure there is a simple solution out there so i will just sit back and wait to hear from one of you guys.

thanks a bunch.

Please post your thread another tech talk forum, there you will get reply correct answer

Images are very tricky for new designers. You have to understand that the html file contains a pointer ( <img src="images/image1.jpg" /> ) to the image. The src attribute value is the pointer that tells the browser exactly where the image to download is. In this case, the image, image1.jpg, is inside of the images folder which is a subfolder of the current directory folder. You'll have to make sure that the folder hierarchy is word for word. If things don't match up exactly, you get the little red x instead of the image.

Just to ask the obvious, you did upload all of the images within the images folder correct?

Going along the lines of what buddylee wrote, if you are using a web design app (Frontpage or Dreamweaver) and you insert pictures before you save the file for the first time, it will insert .. before the image name. That will cause it to not link correctly when placed on the web.

Did you give the images public read permission on the server? If not, it won't let the user have them.

Are the images so big that they exceed the limit the server or the user ISP sets for webpage file size?

Is the Internet cache on the browser too small to hold the images?

Is the path to the image correct on the server? If the images are not in the same folder containing the HTML file on both the development computer and the server, then the URL will be wrong on the server. The URL of the image file that is coded into the web page file must be changed to match the image file's actual location on the server. This must be done before uploading the file.

Make sure that the address for the image in the HTML file is a URL, not a DOS/Windows path. If it begins with C:\ or just a backslash, it is a DOS/Windows path. Real URLs begin with http:// , or just the filename (for a relative address).

Is the file extension correct in the img tag?

If you want, you can also post the URL to the existing (broken) site and someone could tell you what's wrong in a couple of seconds :)