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I'm currently building a website for an online radio station, and I'd rather not have it look bad when it finally gets on the air (understandably). The main problem I'm having is that a div I have to put a background around the main section of content and menus doesn't extend all the way down the content like in Firefox like it does in IE.

The website is http://alerionradio.net78.net/

The two divs within the area I wish to have a background for are float'd, one to the left, one to the right. I realise one way to fix this could be by using tables, but I'd rather avoid them unless absolutely necessary. The other problem is that a section at the bottom of the page (the site credits) doesn't have the background around it (which is the same class as the one around the content). I realise this is the same problem preventing it from displaying correctly.

If someone could take a look at the site in both IE and Firefox, take a look at the source code, and tell me any ideas they can think of to extend the background, I would be most grateful.


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I've got the same error, too, and no one I asked seems to be able to solve this. One way you can solve this is by using table (I think).

Read No Margin For Error. Also, if you'll download the Firefox Web Developer addon, it will allow you to outline elements and you can compare the outline to where you think the element should be.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Lee; the reading was interesting, but I'm afraid it didn't help much. I've been using Firebug to take a look at the page to try and figure out why it isn't displaying correctly, but that hasn't shed any light on the situation.

Cosmic; yea, sadly this may be my only option. Oh well, I'll try a table and see if it makes any difference.

The problem is trying to make a page that exactly fills a screen.

The internet specifications do not have this kind of page defined as a possibility. A web page is supposed to start at the top and grow downward as far as the content needs.

Firefox follows the standards, IE does not.

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