Hi, Can anyone pls tell me how to get curved buttons in CSS....?

border:2px solid #333333;

Is this code correct?But it didn't work for me.
Pls help me..

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The border-radius attribute isn't yet supported by many browsers, like IE. I would recommend using FireWorks or Photoshop to make your buttons, since border-radius is only supported by Firefox, Safari, and a few others.


Yeh as Buddylee17 said, they aren't supported fully yet and will be part of css 3.0 i believe. Now as for making them in photoshop, if you are just uing a flat colour for the button then what you need to think about is creating a transparent gif file that simply covers the corners up of a rectangle that you create with html.

There are also some javascript ways of creating rounded corners aswell. I believe that daniweb either does or did use them for a while to create the boxes around the forum posts.


Ive seen Jquery do rounded corners with a simple one line link to some of its JS.
Of course Inkscape and GIMP (Free graphic tools) offer rounded corners as well.

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