After some years form the creation of my internet site I have decided to correct a little paging problem that i left unresolved for a lot of time (one time it wasn't so important...).

The site is created in xhtml e css and the problem is to equalize the length of the page (pratically the height) for all the browser, to better manage the space for the advertising banner.

I have tried to divide the page in variuos div setting the various heights with height and min-height but I can't make it uniform for a problem of the paypal cart code, I think.

I have tried to insert the central column in a table setting the height of the td but the problem stay.

For better understaning the problem I inserted an adsense banner on the right: if you open the page with firefox and then with explorer you will see that the end of this banner finish next to a different text line in the central column, and this make me difficult to manage the space in the bottom.

If you can help me to get, pace after pace, an optimal solution fully compatible with all the browser, that doesn't use hack and is validated in Wc3, I would be very grateful to you.

This is the address of a sample page:


Thank you all.

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These are fundamental differences in the way IE and Firefox render items. These are some of the differences between IE and Firefox:

- FF places surrounding styles (margins, borders, padding) outside defined widths and heights. IE crams them inside the defined sizes. This makes some things fit differently. The fix is to place only zero surrounding styles in the same tag or style containing size styles.

- FF throws away the entire style if it contains either of the following:
--- A zero value with a unit of measure (e.g. 0px, 0%, opt)
--- A nonzero value without a unit of measure (e.g. 12) on certain styles.

- IE treats images differently than it treats other box objects.

- Each IE font rendering is one pixel higher and wider than the corresponding FF font.

- IE and FF render borders differently.

- IE and FF have different defaults on how to vertically place text inside td tags.

- IE and FF behave differently when content does not fit inside a defined space.

- IE and FF place margins and padding differently with hr tags.

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