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Anybody send me the links of good tutorials to learn flex 3

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Well best place would be Adobe Flex Developer Center that will get you started. This also supported by their forum where you can ask questions. Another good resource is, their tutorial DVDs are very good, but they cost :(

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Thanks peter_budo, also provide me some good free tutorial sites for flex

At this time I do not know as Flex is only on the list of technologies to have look at. However in February there will be realize of new Java Microedition and SDK that does support Flex plus some other technologies, so maybe then I will be looking for some info. You should learn the basics from Adobe Developer site other sites will come to your attention later when you start searching for a certain topic of interest in Flex

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thanks fine

i would love to learn flex too. thanks peter for the link.

Or you could see youtube video tutorials by Mike Lively, those are good to get started.

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Thanks to all

thanks for sharing the information... it's kuel.....

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