Okay, I just remade the design of my site. I'm having some problems though. Here is the site: scrawlfx.com

Now, I'm using padding to separate the post information "by Sal, Filed Under: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360" from the post content. So for post content, here is my CSS:

.post-content {
	clear: both;
        padding-top: 10px;

Here is how that displays in Firefox and Internet Explorer:


I want it to look the same in both browsers but how do I accomplish this?

And next up for my questions is for our gallery page here: scrawlfx.com/gallery

In Firefox, the gallery displays in the center just as it should since it's the same theme as we use on the main site, but in Internet Explorer, it shifts to the left for some reason. Can anybody help me out on this one as well?

Thanks for all your help! :)

P.S. Feel free to leave any comments on what you think of our site's new look. =]

First Impression:: without looking :: your style sheet ::

different alignments in browsers usually means that you have

padding: 0px;
margin: 0px;
someattribute: 0dimension;

those zero should be dimensionless -no px pt em %, just zero

.something {
margin: 10px 0 1em 0;
padding: 0;

zero px/pt/em/% throws some browsers into quirks mode, or may have some browsers discard the style entirely

IE firefox opera safari et al. handle quirks and discards differently
(as well as handling everything else differently) :-/

I changed all the 0px to 0 and it's still the same. =\

I need to see more than a photo and one style. I need to see the other styles and html surrounding it. The trouble might be in a different element.

Note that the Firefox error console might be useful here. It tells you if an error occurs, and the line it is in.

If any error occurs, the browser goes into quirks mode.