Hi, I just developed a site with a simple flash animation. The site works fine offline, I mean the flash is animating locally but after been uploaded, it refuses to work. what do I do?
Also, I need idea on how to create a flash document and reduce it size as small as possible. you can take a look at the site http://www.orisfish.com

Would be better if you attached source file (raw flash file not final swf) in zip or rar format so people may look at it if you do not mind.
Check on your server that flash file is saved in folder Flash as new.swf, keep in mind that it have to be with capital "F", lower wouldn't work (unix servers are sensitive with this)
As for reducing size, you may want to use external library where you store your resources, this will reduce the file size, however downside of this is longer time for loading

It looks like you may not have published the swf prior to putting it on the web. The reason I say this is because the file has no content. Go to the swf that you have on your local machine and open it up. Does it work correctly? If not, open the fla in Flash and hit Shift+F12. This will insure that the swf is up to date. Now copy this file to the server and check it again.

I'm not sure about your problem.But i can recommend a website to you to sovle it.It's <URL SNIPPED>that you can post your problem on it and also you can get your answer.May you good luck.

Until there is uniformity among browsers and servers concerning case sensitivity, do NOT put any uppercase letters in any web page, web file, domain name, folder name, or anything else a browser or server needs to interpret.

You seem like you haven't establish or publish this website yet... IF need help contact here <URL SNIPPED>