Hi All,

First of all i'll tell you what i m doing ....

I ve a blog at http://myblog.blogspot.com/ ... now ... i am going to make simple website for myself and i want my blog to open inside my website ....

i tried using

$remote = fopen("http://myblog.blogspot.com/", "r");

but this is not working properly .... i mean it is opening the blog in my web page but its not looking good .... in terms of my website style ....

For example .... its overriding my website's css and implementing the css and style of the blog ..... how do i fix it ?

Please help ......

Thanks a million in advance !!!!

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You are trying to keep whole page inside your page. So it's overriding because that page is just shown inside your page and that page contents all of the css style which the remote page have.
So Try other method so that you can access the content of that web.

you could use inline frames in your website... but the major disadvantage is frames are not considered as SE friendly...

Have you considered using php include?

PHP includes are the best option. i-frames is not the best idea as Google doesn't index them well.

<?php include"includes/header.php;"?>

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