I was wondering if there is a good program that is very easy friendly for web building for beginners. We all have to start somewhere and sometimes those programs expect you to know what they are talking about..

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yes, just i want to build a web for the beginners..


I suggest books on writing in XHTML and CSS. Don't get in the habit of leaning on the crutches of programs like Dreamweaver. Those help you make pages, but the troubleshooting is up to you.

One book I find invaluable is the Wiley Press "HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible."

i think make a tutorials is best for beginers

I'd have to say I partially agree but disagree with strictly learning html and css from books. I began working with Dreamweaver a while ago and I have to say that it is a BIG help. It's nice to be able to design little by little within the program and then switch over to to the code view and see what changes have occurred. At least for me, it's hard to sit down and read a book of code and be able to understand. I am a visual learner.

So, if you aren't into the reading books thing like myself, I would recommend Dreamweaver. It is a very well developed program, easy to use, good user interface. You can't do point and click if you need, but you can also view code and edit that way if you need to.

I started out by installing DreamWeaver 8 and buying this book: DreamWeaver 8 Beyond the Basics from linda.com. Combining both made my learning experience easier.
So my advice is this: Get an HTML editor like Dreamweaver CS3 and buy some nice HTML, XHTML and CSS books to give you more insight at every stage while using DW CS3.

Provide small code that runs on online and show output immediately and provide them to edit that code...just like in w3schools....
and also showing input and output with simple examples is the best way to show them what is going there.....

i am collecting These Links = Thanks. just now re-arranging my professional career after 19 years of architectural graphics. (archi-Torture) finally getting away from The dark side,. a newbie FAQ might help a lot of us (newbies)

just an idea. just joined Today so i havent actually looked much enough. (not yet)

Dreamweaver is not a bad program. However, it is not the best program to learn on. It has many "good" coding techniques, but only if you know what to look for. It makes very jumbled up code if you use design view.

Read and learn from tutorials on the web, books, and teachers. Then, once you have a basic understand of how a web page's code should look, then use Dreamweaver.

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