im having trouble with this can anyone help?

1. Open a new Flash movie.
2. From the Insert menu, select New Symbol. The Symbols Properties box opens.
3. Give your new symbol a descriptive name, and in the Behavior area, select Button.
4. Click OK. The Button Symbol editor opens.
5. Click inside the Up frame and create a graphic. The graphic can have multiple layers. For instance, you can have a layer for the background, and another layer for the label.
6. Insert a keyframe in the Over frame. Alter the graphic in the Over frame in some manner that would indicate to the user that the mouse is over the button. In the example above, the color of the button was lightened.
7. Insert a keyframe in the Down frame. Alter the graphic in the Down frame. In the example above, the button's border was highlighted with a lighter shade of blue.
8. If you want the Hit area to be the exact same size as the button, you don't have to do anything. It's often a good idea, however, to make the Hit area slightly larger than the button. That way, your users won't have to aim their mouse clicks so precisely. This is an issue, particularly, with small buttons. If you decide to make your Hit area larger than your button, insert a keyframe in the hit area and scale the graphic to make it slightly larger.
9. Toggle back to the main Timeline from the Edit menu by selecting Edit Movie.
10. From the Window menu, select Library and drag your new button onto the Stage.
11. In the Control menu, make sure there is a check next to Enable Simple Buttons.
12. Test your button. Though the button doesn't execute an action of any kind (because there's no ActionScript attached to it), it should change appearance when the mouse passes over it and when the mouse button is clicked.
13. Save your work as a .fla file.

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#9 says Toggle back to the main Timeline from the Edit menu by selecting Edit Movie. .. but in my edit menu there is no Edit Movie .. so how do you toggle back and forth?

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