i really liked what you did with your javascript for auto-resizing the font. it inspired to create an experiment to observe how line length varied with font size so that i could determine an equation that would keep the characters on each line the same as the window size changed.

for Chrome and Safari (i haven't tried others) the equation is here:

(font size) = ((line width) - 6.3799) / 25.407

so if you changed your javascript code to:

P =  Math.floor ((W - 6.3799) / 25.407);


P =  Math.floor (Factor*(8+W/65));

you would experience an even smoother change in font size.

here's a link to my jquery code for resizing: http://www.landlessness.net/2010/08/jquery-auto-resize-fonts.html

and the html/jquery i used to run the experiments: http://www.landlessness.net/2010/08/font-size-versus-line-length_09.html

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