Ok. I give up. I have read a 1000 and 1 tutorial online and still havent figured out what to do.

I have graphic buttons on my page with ImageReady generated Javascript, they change their rollover state.

I need to create a simple dropdown menu. Like with 2 items in it. I have found a lot of free Java script templates, but they are all way too complicated. Also found some "list" menues, but as with Java script they are tied to the menu buttons which are also made either by javaScript or as a list item. I fail to "tie" the menu to my graphic rollover buttons!

Could someone please help? I am really stuck! Hope it is not too confusing!

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Ok Here is an update:

Guess what? I poked Fireworks until it made a drop down menu! WOW this is like magic!

I am just wondering, how can I get the button to change AND have the menu dropdown? I wonder if it is possible at all?

The Rollover I had using

<a href="#"
				onmouseover="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;"
				onmouseout="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents.gif'); return true;"
				onmousedown="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;"
				onmouseup="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;">

But now Fireworks generated me

<a href="#" onMouseOut="MM_startTimeout();" onMouseOver="MM_showMenu(window.mm_menu_0728010700_0,0,49,null,'topevents');">



<a href="#" onmousedown="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseup="changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;" onmouseout="MM_startTimeout(); changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents.gif'); return true;" onmouseover="MM_showMenu(window.mm_menu_0728010700_0,0,49,null,'topevents'); changeImages('topevents', 'images/topevents-over.gif'); return true;">

I haven't used 'code tags' for a good reason.

Note: You need to make sure that where more one statement ( a statement in javascript is terminated by a semicolon ) is put in a sequence; that return [something]; is only ever the LAST statement in that sequence.

Oh my Goodness! It is working! It is my lucky day! YIPPY! Thank you sooo much!

*hug hug*

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