I'm writing the code for a friends webpage and they asked that I use frames. Now I've heard people complain that frames are a pain for many different reasons but I've never really seen an issue with them if they are used correctly. I actually enjoy that a single frame will change on a click versus the entire page needing to be downloaded once again simply to change three lines.

From what I've gotten from the person, they want a top frame to hold the name of the club, a lower frame that holds some important references, and in the middle to split that into a links frame and the main loading frame.

Anyway, I just wanted to know everyone's opinions on this and what you would suggest I add since I'm probably stuck using frames no matter what (ignore the obvious noframe and breaking out of the frames).

Also, what's your opinion on the iframes. I've heard people dislike them as well cause they mess up the page, but I try to use them for small things like a slide show of pictures, so I don't see how that's necessarily a bad use considering that prevents the user from having to wait as all 100 photos load. Yes, I know I could use a photo hosting site to handle the slide show, but that's just one example that I can think of.

frames dont work in screen readers.
frames arent indexed well by search engines

framesets - like a timewarp back to 1990
the same effects of
constant menu & layout can be better accomplished with php asp shtml includes, and css styles
serverside slideshow scripts work better than html framesets, and only load required images
Your mission, should you choose to accept it,, is to design a page for someone because they have no idea what they are doing, Produce a page that looks feels and functions, using current best practice.
They dont want to know how it works, and wont care as long as it does work