hi there.

I have been asked to help make a website by a friend of mine but i have no idea which program to use. basically the friend wants to be able to let people use downloadable files that he is in the midst of creating himself. Someone has Suggested Dreamweaver to me but is this the right application. Please help me as i dont have too much of an idea at the moment.

Let put it this way Dreamweaver is general purpose application that can help you to certain extend with numerous web technologies (HTML/XML/PHP/JSP/ASP/ASP.NET/ColdFusion). Disadvantage, it cost a rather lot for somebody who is not sure if he wants to really buy it.
Then you have specific technology tools NetBeans for JSP (or anything Java related, for FREE), Visual Studio for ASP & ASP.NET (plus other Microsoft technologies, basic tools usually for free) and there is ZEND for PHP (it cost some $300, but you can google for free PHP IDE)

We've decided to go ahead with Dreamweaver CS3 and it seems to be going OK. Now the problem we have is getting the links to the files into the web site itself. We have already established a successful email link on the site build which when i tested it worked ok.
How do we put in links to the files and to other websites which may be of some interest

Here is basic tutorial on HTML and links. However you should be aware that for your own good you should learn some advance technologies such as PHP/JSP/ASP so you can mask your links and not give out your web folder structure on server to hackers...

ok i will have a look at that link. where can i obtain the further info in order to learn about the further technologies. note i am using my other account here as i have two separate PC's in different locations

w3schools.com have section for each of them and plenty of tutorials available on net. You need to choose which you want to learn and there will be shower of links from other members...

It accrued to me that there is a better solution for you and your friend’s problem.
Have you ever heard about Wordpress? It is a Php and MySql CMS (content management system) designed to work as a blog but can be easy rearranged to work as a normal website. It is very easy to install and manage and you have a choice of hundreds of very good templates who can be modified really easy.

Yes Dreamwaever is a good choice as it is common editor for all web related work