I have an idea of how I want a page to look, but am having trouble coming up with a way to achieve it. The link to the page question is here

When the page initially loads, there is text describing benefits of exercise and then 6 images below that will be used as links to more specific info. Ideally, I would like to have the visitor click an image link and then the text that originally described the benefits, would be replaced by text/images related to the specific link they clicked(instead of having the entire page reload)

Hope that makes sense and just to add, I am in no way a pro web developer..just had this project thrown in my lap,lol.

Thanks so much

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sounds like you could use some ajax or javascript, since html is much of a static code: once it's loaded, you can't change it.

What you want to do is dynamically change the content of a Javascript string variable contained in the paragraph in question, so when the user clicks on an image, javascript assigns that variable the string desired (in this case, your paragraph).

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