I basically have user profile pages. The text box people can of course type things, like about me etc.

i am using css and not sure what i do to correct the problem.

If a user for example type text it auto goes on next line when they reach the width of the text box. This is great and how i need it.

But if user holds down a character key on keyboard etc it carrys on going rite across and not going on a new line (meaning scroll bar shows to go left and right.

Problem i have user profiles are then not displaying properly on page as the text is wider than the site theme.

I need to control the width, so if someone tried being silly and kept the character key pressed down that it will go to the next line after the width of the textrea.

I hope you understand me, i am struggling to find a solution to this.

This is the css i am using, i dont know anything about css, i was playing about so dont know if what i am doing is rite, either way it does not work for me. I also noticed in IE7 that if i keep characted key down it auto goes to next line until i submitted and it stayed on same line and went rite across page. I am very sure the solution is simple. I have built my site using css and php.

.textaareastyle {
	width: 100 px;
	border: 1 px #A0A0A4;
	font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;
	max-width: 300;

Thank you,

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Hi, I do not see the problem with this

<textarea rows="10" cols="50">


Try adding this to the textarea CSS:


also just make sure that you did set your text box as 'multiple'.


Thanks for all your replys. Sorry for taking so long to reply back.

It appears the particular problem i am having is something that cannot be solved, but i managed to sort the whitespace issues out.

Thanks as always,

Word wrap needs a whitespace character to have a place to wrap.

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