Hi, I am designing a website and it looks PERFECT in firefox for the mac. I had to do CSS hacks so that it would also work in IE5-8. But when I look at the page in Firefox for Windows, the fonts are a "little" off especially, the last button (ASA Home) on my navigation bar--when you roll over it, the whole button turns gray but on the Firefox for Windows there is still a dark green "gap" on the right of the rollovers. I was able to fix this rollover issue along with some other issues by doing a separate css stylesheet for IE, but is there a way I can do a similar css stylesheet for Firefox for Windows?


The size of menu been declared as 75opx. Unfortunately after adding all elements of your list there is still little empty space left at the end. Just change value in #menu a.last of padding-right from 21px to 30px and it should be solved (at least it worked for me when I tried).
If this doesn't work let me know

When I do that, it "pushes" the last Nav "ASA Home" onto another line. The rollover works fine in Firefox for Mac but on the Windows the gray rollover on the last one dosen't completely cover up the green...

Stop using pixels!!!!

Pixels for sizes make pages incompatible with different screen resolutions.

Define all sizes with ems (for text) or percent (for screen layout).