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I'm getting different image resizing by different browsers when I resize the browser window: with Mozilla the images (photos) resize with the window size and all is good; with IE7 the images remain the same size regardless of window size, so they end up way too big in a smaller window and cramp out the text.

I've tried checking "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" under Tools-Internet Options-Multimedia but it made no difference.

The pages I'm having trouble with are:

How do I make the images resize automatically with IE7 like they do with Mozilla?

Thanks in advance

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fit your Image size like this

<img src="your image path" height="size in pixels" width="size in pixels" />

now it fit in all browsers with same size

Thanks for your efforts Sreekanth, but I'm actually wanting to achieve the exact opposite of what you've suggested - I don't want the the images to fit in all browsers with the same size; I want them to be automatically resized in all browsers.


That's the opposite of what he wants. He wants it to be smaller when the browser window gets smaller.

Do this:

.imsize1 {width: 50%;}


<img src="mypicture.jpg" class="imsize1" alt="my image" />

Set the percentage to the size you really want, as a percentage of the containing tag size.

The image resizes proportionally in both IE and FF, keeping the same aspect ratio. I tested it on IE7 and FF3.

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