hey guys i joined this site recently.
i started learning CSS and prepared a drop down menu in css. it works fine in my office computer which has got IE-7. but when i try to edit and learn in my PC at home the whole of <LI> of the drop down menu is lost (i mean it does not show off).
pease...can you guys help me out here. it would be a great help for me.


Your home computer probably has a different screen resolution. You have to use percentages and other relative sizing styles, not pixels and other absolute sizes, if you want it to work on all computers.

thanks midiMagic for your Prompt reply for my problem.
i will try that way out any let you know about your help.But one thing i have noticed is that i had tried it on my friends computer which has got IE-7 and it works fine thare.
So dont you think it is problem with browser version?
anyway i will try your solution and let you know about my progress.
Thanks once agains.

The screen resolutions of the two computers are probably different. This is determined by the hardware of the monitor and the display card, and a setting in the display part of the control panel.

Be careful. It is possible to set the screen resolution to a setting the monitor can't display. Then you can't see what you are doing.

hey it wasnt about the resolution....i dont know but i tried to make the position from realtive to static or absolute then it worked. and otjher thing is that i wrote a javascript for the browser detection. now it works fine but problem is that when i keep blocking the activeX pop-up from the top, then again my menu gets distroted.

Have you got any Idea or any solutions?

ActiveX is NOT cross browser compatible.