Hello All ,

I'm one of the Internet Marketing Moderators here on DaniWeb posting this question for a friend of mine:

"I’m using front page (don't ask why!) to build my website — and i cut and pasted an image from powerpoint (the blue diamond in the right hand corner) into the GUI interface section of Frontpage (XP).

When i open the website on my computers at work the logo is there.

However, when i open it at home the logo is not there when i open the site on my mac. In addition the logo (picture) appears on my pc when i open the site in explorer but not when i open the page in mozilla? also, i called a few friends and the logo appears on some but not others.

When the logo does not appear there is just a square box with an X in the middle.

My website is www.interatlanticfund.com . Again, the image Im having a problem with is the blue diamond logo in the top right corner of the all the pages.

Please help! Thank you!"

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