I am having CSS issues in my website.

It is giving good output in FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc but IE is driving me nuts.

You can see 2 major issue
1. Whole content sticks to the left side although fine in other browsers(there seems to be some problem with "margin: auto" which is not picked by IE(7) for some reason)
2. The right column drops down.

It will be great if someone can help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance

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Please post your CSS so we can see what's up

you will need to have a conditional comment for IE. for example it should read

body {
   text-align: -moz-center;
   text-align: -khtml-center;

<!--[if IE]>
body {
   text-align: center;

In my IE 7 8, is centred
Mozilla centered
opera centered
avant centered

clear the ie cache and try again, may be old css files in the browser cache
put the site on http://www.browsershots.org to see what it looks like on a larger number of browsers

tinyurls make everyone assume you are a spammer or malware-er

I think the problem is that you are seeing what happens when the page does not fit in the browser window horizontally. Different browsers react differently to unexpected errors.

The page is too wide for many computer screen resolutions.

Thanks for solutions. Got the real bug.

--IE is crazy and God help them or rescue developers from it--

The problem is, in IE the first line of the html code must be
<!DOCTYPE html ................................>

You cannot even write commented code before that. All the other browsers allow it but it is not accepted by IE. Its a IE special feature. Took me 2 days to sort out. Pathetic.

Thanks anyway all of you


Without a doctype, IE goes into quirks mode. Always provide a valid doctype tag.

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