Hey guys, just a small problem here.

I have a website using iframes, navigation down the left hand side opens a link in the frame. Some of these navigation links are pages with other iframes within them, with navigation along the top.

The problem is sizing the second set of iframes. They are all held within a table, and although they are set to 100%, they do not show as such.

The page in question can be seen at www.unjustified.co.uk

If you click on the "CV" link, you will see what I mean!

Just for help, the black dotted border, is the first, main frame. The blue dotted border is the table from the linked page, and the red dotted border is the iframe within the second page.

Clicking on "personal details" will show you what i am on about. Instead of "stretching" the widow to 100% it just adds a scroll bar. I want it to fill the whole screen of the first iframe.

My css is viewable at www.unjustified.co.uk/new_code/style.css

One other problem is if viewed in IE the info in the frames are centred, whereas in FF and Safari, they are how they should be!

Thanks in advance guys!


Hi! Chunky1318,

iframe doesn't support height 100%, you have to assign a max height for that. Please check with that, it may solved your issue.