Is there a good Dreamweaver extension or similar that if someone clicks on a thumbnail picture on my web-site, it opens up in a blank frame that is the size of the photo. At the moment, if they click on the photo, it opens up in a full size window - has anyone got a good solution for making the window only be the size of the photo. Thanks!

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Hi There,

I think i know what you mean. Basically generating a type of pop up. If you click on the link below you are taken to like a questionaire page. you get questions like 'what filename should be opened' and 'how wide should it be' and 'how high should it be' (in pixels). Once you have filled these in, click a button and it generates the HTML code for your window. Just copy and paste the code into dreamweaver.

Hope this helps


Well there is simple way how to do it
onClick="MM_openBrWindow('name_of_your_page.html',' ','scrollbars=yes,width=500,

Put this code in img tag and is done. It will open new window of size 500x300 with scroolbar

good information to have

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