I use Frontpage 2000 (and often additional HTML coding for some effects).

What options/coding/scripts,etc. can I use to have the width of the webpage always (mostly?) fit into the browser window of the user? I don't want to have to scroll right to see the whole page.

All related suggestions are welcomed ;)

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if you are using a table then set the width to 100% and make sure none of the objects inside have large dimensions specified.
If you were using CSS you probably wouldn't be asking that question!

Don't rely much on Frontpage specially if you just started learning HTML. Learn HTML first, use notepad to code and when you become quite familiar with HTML, then use frontpage. Set the table width to 100%.

Is there any way to auto adjust a web site without using tables? I already have the page made up the way I would like but would like it to auto adjust. I am using front page 03.

In order to get it to auto-adjust to browser window size, all of the elements of the page must be able to change size.

Alternately, you can force the browser to use a horizontal scrollbar if stuff doesn't fit.

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