Hi all,

OK, I can use the " minwidth: nnpx; " for most browsers, for IE I can use " <hr /> ".
That mostly sorts out setting a minimum width... apart from the fact that I want a gap between the viewportal/screen-res and the content of the page!
Any images I have on the right continue to shift in IE6, even beyonf what I set the <hr> to......
I've had a play, and I can stop it from happening, but only to cause my floats to drop!

any idea's?

All I want to acheive is a set of rows positioned below each other with pretty corners/edges, that only shrinks to either 640 or 800 in width!


I've done really well converting a table site to css... apart from this stupid issue of the images floating over everything....

a simple 3x3 design, content in middle, surrounding dives with background images , corners stay the same size, the H and V middles are expandable.
This is simple in tables... so why so difficult in css?

sod it, no one here or at CSS creator has come up with anything apart from a hack.... so I'll go to tables for the top and bottom bar!

Shame, as I thought CSS was doing so well, (one I figured how things go together! Yet it appears even the pro's have the same problem on their sites, so I'll default to good old reliable tables to get around this!
cheers anyway for looking!

update... tables has it's own issues... min-width is OK, no floating over the desired point OK, yet havegaps vetween cells and can't get a bg-img on the % middle cell!

So muc hfor CSS being better than tables... new I'd have problems as soon as I wanted something that is standard in tables!

oh well..... if you do have an idea, your welcome to post it!

Don't worry people.... not only have Ifigured out how to cause IE6 to emulate NN6 and MFX 1.0.1 in regards to the "overfloat" (this being when a right floated object continues floating past the point of minimum width of the container it was in), but also how to make the HR object 1 px tall, invisible and having an infuence of 2px above and 2 px below, rather the the usual 12/7.

So I got what I wanted to work in the three browsers, without the need of either tables or a hack!

(still can't believe the lack of help.... is thios a common problem with css?)

Oops.... I seem to have a habit of treating things like a blog sometimes!
*meak* sorry *shrug*

Still, is this a common problem... or do others know how to fix it?