how can i edit flash web page

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by gettin the flw or fla file :)

and using Flash or Flash MX :)

If you want to save a SWF file that's on a page, you can view the source and look for the file with a .swf extension the do the add the following to the address bar of IE :

about:<a href="URL_TO_SWF_FILE">Download</a>

This will create a mini page with a link to the file. Just right click on the link and Save Target As.... Only works on some versions of IE though. You can run very limited HTML tags from the address bar.

That should be the word about followed by a semicolon then followed by a < sign. The code parser in vBulletin is acting funky.

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how can i edit flash web page

Use a program such as swish or coffeecup firestarter from

But it is difficult just to jump into the flash game. You have to understand graphics quite a bit to be able to cross over into flash since it utilizes vector images and whatnot...something that just the casual photoshopper wouldn't know about.

i read what u write but i donna understand anything. i setup flash mx because you say there install it but i cant understand. please write how edit web page step by step

simple and easy install flash and edit it .. also there are some other tools but flash is best

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