I have been asked to create a webpage that features pagers for a pager company. The pagers are small icons, maybe 100 x 100 pixels or so.

What he wants me to do now is when the user runs the mouse over the graphic, he would like the graphic to enlarge, such as 200 x 200, similar to what OS X does when the user brings their mouse down to the toolbar, and the system enlarges the icon. He wants me to stick the phone number of the company inside the pager's output screen, and people to see it when the icon grows.

Not my idea, but I am just the techie, right?

I am using Dreamweaver MX on OS X.



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There are two ways to do this, and both involve a little JavaScript. The first way is to have two images - a thumbnail size and a large size - and use JS to swap between them. The second way is to use JS to resize one image - this produces worse results.

I don't know how to do it from Dreamweaver MX 2004, but from the original DW MX, it's very easy. Simply go to the Insert menu and select Interactive Images and then Rollover Image. Enter the filenames of the small thumbnail image and the larger version. Tada!

Hello Dani,

Thank you for the thoughts.... but is that going to make a quick "woosh" effect, or are there ways to install "frames" so that I can have orig... orig x 5 percent larger.... orig x 10 percent... so that it looks like it is growing?

Thanks a bundle.


One way to do it would be to make an animated gif as the mouseover image. I could make gifs for you if there aren't too many of them. Just be sure of the size though, wouldn't want to do it twice :)


Thank you for the offer -- I didn't think about an animated GIF increasing the size of the pager... would have to lay that one out a bit.

I found a freeware OS 9 Animated giffer that will let me run with 4 images... haven't found one for OS X.

I may ask you about that yet.



dreamweaver = hard if you don't know wtf you are doing like me I am develooping a flash page and its taken me 2 months to build the thing from scratch

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