rather dodgey topic... accessability.
I occassionally read these rants and whines from so called "purists" etc.... that harp on about accessability issues, and it being unfair about those with visual impairments not being able to use the web properly due to poorly constructed sites etc.

So, I've looked into it, and the only methods I've seen seem to result in sites that have to follow a set pattern of creation, and the result ends up with pages that are limited and tend to look the same.

So, is this the prescribed method?
Is this why so many css based sites look the same?
Or am I missing something?

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I think that you can accomplish nearly anything you want in CSS - and have the site be accessible to everyone. What do you mean by all CSS-based sites looking the same? The entire DaniWeb header was created exclusively in CSS ;)

You can read my accessibility rant on my CSS controlled site if you like. ;)

Note particularly the 5th quicktip - CSS for layout where possible - therefore it's not essential, though it makes it easier.

If you find me a tables based site that looks like it can't be done with CSS I'll tell you whether it can. :lol:

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