Hi: I just changed my heading class in css to H1 for SEO purposes. That's fine. But now, the tables don't look right: There's too much space between the rows. I've tried everything to make it look right. I just want the H1 heading to be right above the following cell right below it. It looked fine with I was using a heading class in css. Here's the first row of the table:

<table width="95%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">

<td width="30%"><h1>Solutions for Small Cap Companies</h1></td>
<td width="32%"><h1>Our Team</h1></td>
<td width="38%"><h1>Why Independent Research?</h1></td>
<td class="BodyText"><p>Burritt Research, Inc. (BRI) provides cost-effective independent stock research <a href="solutions_companies.htm">solutions for small capital (small cap) companies</a> seeking increased visibility and value for their shares. Our independent, third-party equity research products &ndash; together with our rich distribution network -- can make an immediate impact on the value and trading volume of a small cap company&rsquo;s stock.</p></td>
<td class="BodyText"><p>BRI is headed by equity research veteran<a href="jwb_bio.htm"> J. Wayne Burritt</a>. With over 24 years of experience, Wayne has a rich background &ndash; including tenure at one of the largest independent research firms in the US &ndash; combined with a no-nonsense, street-smart style. He also holds BRI to the &ldquo;gold standard&rdquo; of <a href="ethics.htm">independent research ethics</a>.</p></td>

Thanks for any help. wayne

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