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im putting together an image gallery for someone where by there is a thumbnail image on a page, and when you the image a new pop up window opens with a larger image.

The function i am using to generate this is by clicking on the thumbnail image, then going to the behaviours tab in dreamweaver, adding a new window browser, change the event to onClick. My pop up window is 400 x 300. The problem is when i click on the image and the pop up appears, it always goes to the top left hand side of my screen. Is there anyway using this method that i can center the pop up in the center of my screen?

Thanks alot

peter_budo commented: This is a challenge. Will be glad to know solution for this. Let wait and see!!!!!!! +1

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One word: Javascript. A quick google search will give you something like this.

not sure how much you'd like to get into the scripting on it as youre using the dreamweaver functions.

but here is a site that should help you customize that code
in turn get you a better understanding of how it works


good luk,

Excellent, thankyou for your help :)

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